Who Am I ?

David Vicente – voice over artist – Paris

I’ve been a voice talent since 2009. Based in Paris, I lend my voice to many projects, adapting according to your requirements.

My voice is versatile & has a tone ranging from medium to bass.

Efficiency and responsiveness go hand in hand to guarantee you quality work.

Voiceover –  a passion that I have been fortunate to  practice in all its specialties. (documentary, institutional film, trailer, radio commercials, jingle DJ, audio book …).

I have worked with Canal +, NRJ, Warner Music, Citroën, Continental, American Express and EDF.

David Vicente, Voice over artist in Paris

What is voice-over ?

Voice-over is primarily a narrative process.
The voice of the artist supports the emotion.
Then there’s the text, the script.
And finally, the interpretation of the actor, who brings the words to life.

The voiceover  requires  vocal technique and  know-how, to which is added  creativity and their own unique personality.
The voice can be natural, sensual, promotional, elegant, straightforward, journalistic, informative …changing to suit the style of the text. The voice recording takes place in the production studio, where  the direction of the actor is a key part of the process.

Voiceovers are a part of our everyday lives: advertisements on TV, on the radio or in the cinema.
You hear them at railway stations, airports and the metro.
And when you watch your TV shows. In the narration of documentaries, or dubbed over a foreign voice.
There are many applications and the list is long: trailers and TV, commercials and radio jingles, audiobooks, audioguides, e-learning, video games, but also company, institutional and corporate films, GPS and audiotel.

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